Malgudi School Days by R. K. Narayan

Buy Malgudi School DaysMalgudi School Days (Paperback)
by R. K. Narayan
Publisher: Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd (01/09/2002)

Book Summary of Malgudi School Days
This is R.K. Narayan’s classic chronicle of the adventures of a boy named Swami, and his friends Rajam and Mani, in a sleepy and picturesque South Indian town called Malgudi. Swami’s days are full of action—when he is not creating a ruckus in the classroom or preparing in his inimitable way for exams, he’s trying to acquire a hoop from the coachman’s son to run down the Malgudi streets, playing tricks on his grandmother, or stoning the school windows, inspired by a swadeshi demonstration. But the greatest feat of Swami and his friends lies in putting together a cricket team for the ‘MCC’ (the Malgudi Cricket Club) and challenging the neighbouring Young Men’s Union to a match. Just before the match, however, things go horribly, horribly wrong, and Swami has no option but to run away from home, wanting never to return to Malgudi again . . .
Malgudi Schooldays is a brilliantly evocative and delightfully funny account of the growing-up years from one of the greatest English language writers of our time.
Includes a slightly abridged version of the novel Swami and Friends along with two other Swami stories, available together for the first time
Features fifteen black-and-white illustrations by R.K. Laxman
Attractive design
The first in a series of Indian literature classics on the Puffin list

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