A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials by Dr. R. K. Bansal

A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials (Paperback)
by Dr. R. K. Bansal
Publisher: Laxmi (2007)

Book Summary of A Textbook Of Strength Of Materials

The fourth edition of this book ?A Textbook of Strength of Materials? contains twenty five chapters. This edition has been thoroughly revised and made up-to-date. A large number of numerical problems from different B.E. degree examinations have been added with solution at proper places. At the end of each chapter, highlights, theoretical questions and many unsolved numerical problems with answers have been given for the students to practice them. Three advanced topics–stresses due to rotation in thin and thick cylinders, bending of curved bars and theories of failures of the materials have also been added. These chapters have been written in such a simple and easy-to-follow language that even an average student can understand them easily by self-study. A large number of Objective Type Multiple Choice Questions, asked in the most of the competitive examinations, have been incorporated in this edition with answers and explanations to make this edition more useful for competitive examinations.
Table Of Contents :
Chapter 1. Simple Stresses and StrainsChapter 2. Elastic ConstantsChapter 3. Principal Stresses and StrainsChapter 4. Strain Energy and Impact LoadingChapter 5. Centre of Gravity and Moment of InertiaChapter 6. Shear Force and Bending MomentChapter 7. Bending Stresses in BeamsChapter 8. Shear Stresses in BeamsChapter 9. Direct and Bending StressesChapter 10. Dams and Retaining WallsChapter 11. Analysis of Perfect FramesChapter 12. Deflection of BeamsChapter 13. Deflection of CantileversChapter 14. Conjugate Beam Method, Propped Cantilevers and BeamsChapter 15. Fixed and Continuous BeamsChapter 16. Torsion of Shafts and SpringsChapter 17. Thin Cylinders and SpheresChapter 18. Thick Cylinders and SpheresChapter 19. Columns and StrutsChapter 20. Riveted JointsChapter 21. Welded JointsChapter 22. Rotating Discs and CylindersChapter 23. Bending of Curved BarsChapter 24. Theories of FailureChapter 25. Objective Type QuestionsSubject Index
About Author :
Dr. R.K. Bansal graduated in 1966. He obtained his Master’s Degree in 1975 with ‘HONOURS’ from I.I.T., Delhi and Ph.D. in 1981 from University of Delhi. He joined Delhi College of Engineering as a Lecturer and became Assistant Professor in 1984. He was selected for the post of Professor in 1995. He also held the posts of Head of Mech. Engineering (Faculty of Technology, University of Delhi), Dean (P.G.) Studies and Dean (U.G.) Studies, Delhi College of Engineering, Delhi. During his teaching career of about thirty five years, he guided a large number of research students and got published many papers. Dr. Bansal is the author of many books, which are followed as textbooks.

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