Engineering Thermodynamics by Nag P K

Buy Engineering Thermodynamics 4/EdEngineering Thermodynamics 4/Ed (Paperback)
by Nag P K
Publisher: Tata Mgraw Hill (Apr-08)

Book Summary of Engineering Thermodynamics 4/Ed

The revision of this hallmark text on Engineering Thermodynamics has been done to update it with the latest in the subject. Pedagogy has been enriched with good number of multiple choice questions, solved examples and questions. In all a perfect book for the first course on Engineering Thermodynamics.
Key Features:

Covers course contents of Engineering Thermodynamics comprehensively Student friendly language and presentation Discusses properties of pure substances before laws of Thermodynamics-right approach for teaching the subject (as opposed to Domkundwar, Ballaney & Khurmi)
Pedagogy includes:
Solves Examples-220 Review Questions (Theoretical) : 550 Review Questions (Numerical) : 534 Multiples Choice Questions : 72 (New)
New in this edition :
Applications of Thermodynamics Power Generation-Steam Power Plants Automobiles-I.C. Engines Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Fuel Cells Alternative method to prove Inequality of Clausius-(Chapter 7)
Pedagogy includes:
Summary of Chapters Multiple Choice Questions: 72 (New) Refreshed examples and questions

Discusses properties of pure substances before laws of Thermodynamics ? right approach for teaching the subject. Alternative method to prove Inequality of Clausius given. Coverage on Applications of Thermodynamics like Power Generation- Steam Power Plants; Automobiles- I.C. Engines; Refrigeration and Air-conditioning; Fuel Cells

Table of Content:

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Temperature
Chapter 3. Work and Heat Transfer
Chapter 4. First Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 5. First Law Applied to Flow Processes
Chapter 6. Second Law of Thermodynamics
Chapter 7. Entropy
Chapter 8. Available Energy, Availability and Irreversibility
Chapter 9. Properties of Pure Substances
Chapter 10. Properties of Gases and Mixtures
Chapter 11. Thermodynamics Relations, Equilibrium and Stability
Chapter 12. Vapour Power Cycles
Chapter 13. Gas Power Cycles
Chapter 14. Refrigeration Cycles
Chapter 15. Psychrometrics
Chapter 16. Reactive Systems
Chapter 17. Compressible Fluid Flow
Chapter 18. Gas Compressors

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